DroneSpect utilises the latest in DJI drone technology to capture aerial video up to 4K. The Phantom 4 Professional is an incredible advancement in the technology and we can now capture aerial photos at 20MP. Stabilised gimbals allow for incredibly smooth shots from heights and angles not previously imaginable. This can be used for impressive event material in the form of videography: professionally edited, colour corrected and copyright-free music supplied videos. Colour-corrected aerial photos can also be achieved at an affordable price.

Also focusing on construction and engineering projects, we aim to provide a comprehensive surveying tool. This can be in the form of monthly time-stamped aerial photos and video to assist with progress reports.





Edited videos with road markings and annotations can be created for progress records for large-scale civil projects.

We are Safe Pass card holders; along with IAA training we operate at the highest levels of safety.

Further solutions are offered with drone mapping and drone aerial surveying using next-generation software.

3D models aside from their applied uses for construction and engineering, can also be used as a powerful marketing tool, e.g. for the real estate industry. Check out the 3D visualisation of a farmyard and house below!

We also aim to provide a unique inspection tool and to save time and money associated with traditional inspection methods through the reduced need for manned access e.g. with scaffolding and cherry-pickers and through cutting insurance costs. Danger elements of traditional methods are reduced.

drone mapping

Licensed by the Irish Aviation Authority we operate under an approved operations manual and maintain logbooks. We carry out pre-site safety assessments and risk assessments as well as pre-flight and set-up checks to maintain safety as a priority. We have full liability insurance up to €6.5m.

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