Video Production & Photography

Drone filming: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can capture video and imagery at heights and angles previously inaccessible without the prohibitively expensive use of helicopters. Furthermore, they can reach areas neither helicopters nor ground-based cameras can! We can therefore provide a cost-effective solution to your event management and marketing requirements.

Evidence of drone filming in action for the ‘Lough5’ road race in 2016

Testimonial: “Niall was very attentive to what we were looking for at the Lough 5 on the Race Day. He was able to make a fantastic promo video in the build-up to the race. The day itself was a major success. We worked with Niall and DroneSpect alongside a video professional to complete a brilliant video of the highlights of the day which showcases the breathtaking scenery and state-of the-art facilities we have to offer in Loughmacrory. Now in its seventh year the LOUGH5 is growing from strength to strength with over 600 competitors taking part in the event in 2016. I have no hesitation recommending Niall and Dronespect for any event filming or any other aerial photography and filming!” – Benny Ward, LOUGH5 committee member.

Videos are supplied as colour-corrected, professionally edited and with copyright-free music chosen specifically to fit perfectly with the mood and tone of the piece and in consideration of the video edits. We can work with a ground videographer to create a complete edited video combining both aerial and ground aspects, as seen above. Also see below the UAV-only video in the run-up to the race!

Below is an example of a solo project done for a corporate client and how much can be done in terms of video production with a UAV only!

We can also provide stunning aerial photography, including photoshop editing! See below:


Drone filming
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